Workshop Report

A workshop report will summarize the findings of the MP3 workshop and recommend coordinated plans for U.S. and European research communities over the next ten to twenty years.

As described in the Organization web page, working groups will discuss plans at virtual WG meetings, draft report sections and summary presentations to prepare for the in-person workshop.

A file sharing structure will provide a means to collect and share materials, such as white papers, references, and anything else desired by and useful to the working groups. WG leaders will maintain their respective folders that will contain:

  • materials to use during the prep phase before the workshop and report drafting,
  • materials leading to sections of the workshop report,
  • final draft report sections and workshop presentations, and
  • final workshop report.

MP3 workshop chairs will hold responsibility and authority for resolving any conflicts and final editing of the workshop report that will be publicly available free online either at an open-access archive, such as, or published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The report will also include material suitable for outreach to the public, such as a press release, fact sheets, posters, and video interviews describing the scientific opportunities and social benefits made possible by multi-petawatt lasers.