Call for White Papers

All submitted white papers are available in the “MP3 White Papers” folder on Google Drive. White papers are also sorted into working group subfolders. A .zip folder with all MP3 white papers received can be downloaded here.

The Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization workshop solicits white papers for potential scientific goals and flagship experiments, diagnostic needs and strategies, and visions for what a next-generation facility might require. Please follow the preparation instructions below, or use the provided template as a guideline for your white paper, available here as either a pdf or Word version. The white papers will be discussed during the virtual working group meetings to prepare for the workshop.

Initial review of the white papers will begin on April 9th 2021. We will continue to accept white papers, on a rolling basis, while the virtual working group meetings are being held (approximately through to the end of the summer).

Submit your white paper either by

White paper preparation instructions

White papers should be 2-3 pages in length (not counting references), using a minimum font size of 11pt on letter paper. Include the following information and sections in your white paper.
Email of corresponding author:
Working Group(s): [select: HFP/QED, LAP, PAALS, LDNP]
  • HFP/QED: High-Field Physics and Quantum Electrodynamics
  • LAP: Laboratory Astrophysics
  • PAALS: Particle Acceleration and Advanced Light Sources
  • LDNP: Laser-Driven Nuclear Physics

Abstract: Brief description, maximum of 250 words.

Scientific goal: Description of the goal and the methods that would be used.

Tools required: Parameters required for the experiment, or technical requirements/abilities of modeling tools, or theory development. Identify any facility/diagnostic/code developments that need to be made to achieve the goal

Scientific impact(s): What will the impact of achieving this scientific goal be?

Broader impacts: Highlight other areas / fields or benefits to broader society where this research could make an impact.

References: Include doi if available.