Science Questions

The science questions that have been developed and drafted are centered around 3 main themes. The development of laser-driven particle and photon sources is key to enabling the multi-petawatt laser experiments that can tackle the questions and therefore, the MP3 workshop will study the requirements and development needs in this area too.

Science Theme 1: Highest energy phenomena in the universe

Question 1A: What are the physical mechanisms that produce the most energetic particles and brightest events in the universe?

Question 1B: How does light transform into a plasma fireball composed of matter, antimatter and photons?

Science Theme 2: The origin and nature of space-time and matter in the universe

Question 2A: How do complex material properties and quantum phenomena emerge at atomic pressures and temperatures relevant to planetary cores?

Question 2B: How can multi-petawatt lasers study black hole thermodynamics through the link between gravity and acceleration?

Question 2C: How does the electromagnetic force behave under extreme conditions?

Science Theme 3: Nuclear Astrophysics and the age/course of the universe

Question 3A: Why do some massive stars proceed to type-II core collapse supernova while others form black holes?

Question 3B: What is the age of the universe?

Particle acceleration and high-energy-photon sources to enable the science